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The Edinburgh Bookshop Speakeasy

A beautiful Friday evening in summer. A book shop. Great company. A wee tipple at the end of the week – What’s not to love?

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Storytelling, Two Ways

The month of May has yielded a bumper crop of writing outputs. Not only have I been able to add an unprecedented four new books to my ‘shelf-of-books-in-which-I’ve-had-some-little-involvement’, I’ve also been to two very different fiction ‘launches’.

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Writing To Order

One year ago WriteRight officially launched its online creative writing ‘classes’, a series of structured sessions for anyone who wants to write.

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The Lost Town of Man's Crossing - Katrina Hart

'Would you cross a land of magic, dark creatures and hidden secrets to face your own deepest fear?'

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Strong Women, Strong Words

The words have travelled in many directions this month. (Literally).

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