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Launching The Almost Truth

The Almost Truth, my debut novel, was launched at Oxgangs Library, on the evening of Friday 19th April. It was the most fantastic event - thank you to everyone who was involved.

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Publication Day: The Almost Truth

I'm pleased to say that publication day for The Almost Truth has finally arrived. I'm emerging just that bit further as an author...Sometimes pictures speak louder than words:

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The Pre-Publication Revelation

Ten days and counting until The Almost Truth, my debut novel, is published on the 8th April. This is, if you like, the final push in an experience that has had peaks and troughs of action and silence, while so much work has gone on behind the scenes.

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On the Shoulders of Giants

When you’re close to having a book published, the online world can start to close in until it feels as if everyone is doing likewise. This can be both uplifting: ‘Wow! Look at all these great books out there, and mine is soon to be one of them!’ and dispiriting: ‘Wow. Look at all these great books out there. How will anyone ever see mine, let alone read it…’

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Listen to The Almost Truth

When is a book not quite a book?

When it’s an eBook or an audiobook.

I have plenty of (second-hand) experience of eBook production watching the work of Claire Morley, author, and the whizz behind I can’t imagine my working and reading life without my Kindle – while nothing beats the look and feel of a ‘real’ book, the immediacy of eBook content and the convenience of being able to take an electronic pile of novels anywhere is fantastic.

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