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Gill Merton is Entitled

It’s not often that one author is made up of five different writers, but that’s how it is with Gill Merton, when Gilmerton Community Centre’s long-running creative writing came together to write the novel, Entitled.

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Three Writing Wins and a Waterpark

The month of March began with a writerly bang - the Writers Ink Retreat described in last month's blog - and the same spirit has continued into April. Like buses or bad news or triplets, my writing successes (and failures!) are coming in threes.

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Writers Link or Writers Sink

Two ‘invisible’ women

One luxury hotel

A reunion full of strangers…

An average pitch for an average psychological thriller, you might think?But the true story is much more interesting.

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Yours, Defiantly

As a writer, sharing your work publicly is an act of courage.  But there's courage and then there's courage, and watching events unfold in Ukraine is a stark reminder of that.

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The People's City - Edinburgh One City Trust Anthology

Published on Thursday 13th January 2022, by Birlinn, this is Edinburgh One City Trust's anthology to help raise awareness and tackle poverty discrimination across the city.

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