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Recipes for Life

Happy New Year! If I can still say that at the end of January - and that it doesn't come across as sarcastic or cynical, in the light of the dreich winter days and ongoing global pandemic.

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Ten Writing(ish) Things

Who doesn't love a good list.

Even better, who doesn't love a good end of year list: life hacks and lessons learned; things done, things discarded, and those yet to do. 

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Waymaking - A Review

An Anthology of women's adventure writing, poetry and art.

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Audit of an Author -1

Every morning since June I’ve woken up delighted to remember that my job for the year is to be a writer. Thanks to funding from Creative Scotland’s Create: Inclusion fund, I can spend the majority of my working life pondering, plotting, writing and editing my first foray into the realm of psychological suspense.

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Writing the New Normal

This September has been a strange one. Usually, I’d be preparing a new programme of creative writing classes, booking editing work for the rest of the year, wondering how to fit in my novel-in-progress, and dreading the onset of winter-short days.

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