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Are you writing a novel or some short stories, a biography or memoir?  Maybe you’ve started, full of inspiration and enthusiasm , and now the dreaded writer’s block has set in?  Or maybe you’ve finished your book or story but you’re not sure about the overall idea, the plot, the grammar or other technical bits? 

Writing, whether you do it for a living or a hobby, really is a solitary business.  You may have the imagination, style and ability to write but sometimes we all suffer from a lack of self-confidence and would benefit from an objective and experienced second opinion.

WriteRight is a bespoke editorial and mentoring service for all writers of fiction and creative non-fiction.  With only a handful of clients at any one time, you can be assured of detailed and efficient one to one support where you can specify exactly the type of help you are seeking.  For example:


  • Manuscript development
  • Query Letters to agents and publishers
  • Manuscript editing
  • Synopsis Writing
  • Short story editing
  • Mentoring
  • Recommendations for proofreaders, eBook publishing and online writing classes

What I can do for you

iconNoteI provide a full range of editing and mentoring services for writers of fiction and creative non-fiction.  This includes development and copy editing, proof reading, and help with writing a synopsis or a query letter.

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corriejackson"Anne Hamilton is a fantastic editor. Her attention to detail is second-to-none, and she is always ready with brilliant suggestions for improving your novel. Writing your debut is tough and I’m not certain I would have continued with Breaking Dead if it hadn’t been for Anne. From the very first draft, through to querying agents and signing my contract, Anne was the one voice I trusted above all else. If it weren’t for her, I doubt I would ever have got my book deal so thank you Anne!"



Corrie Jackson

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