Development Editing

editAn overall review of the writing

  • You have a completed manuscript, or well-drafted work in progress (fiction or creative non-fiction e.g. memoir, travelogue, biography etc) or one or more short stories, and would like a close professional reading of it.
  • You expect detailed feedback including notes on strengths and weaknesses in: premise, plot, structure, pacing, characters, setting, dialogue, and the potential marketability of your work.
  • You can expect practical advice on how to make improvements to the manuscript.

Initial Read-through and Comments 

  • A 'mini' version of the overall review (above) more suitable for early drafts or if you are 'stuck' with how to proceed.
  • You can broad comments about the structure, characters, plot and themes etc.
  • You can also expect practical advice on how to make improvements to the manuscript and/or continue with it.

Content Editing

A line by line examination of the writing

  • You have at least 3 chapters (negotiable) of a fiction or creative non-fiction manuscript, or one or more short stories to be reviewed
  • You would like detailed line-by-line editing of the story including feedback on the good and not so good, and the flagging of possible errors
  • You will expect: insights into dialogue, characterisation, point of view, motivation and options of showing not telling
  • You will further expect: corrections for punctuation, capitalisation, sentence structure, grammar, spelling and checking of consistency in format
  • You would like suggestions on how best to revise your work for maximum readability


  • Designed for a 2-page synopsis (or another length you specify)
  • You will have completed your novel or work of creative non-fiction and have written or would like assistance to write a synopsis.
  • If you have not yet written your synopsis you will be offered guidance on how to start drafting it
  • You will then receive:
    • an overall evaluation of the effectiveness of your synopsis and its strengths and weaknesses
    • advice on issues of content, style, structure, format, grammar, spelling and punctuation
    • assessment of the extent it  articulates the value of your proposal, and might engage editors and agents?
    • comments on appropriateness to proposed target market
    • advice on a accompanying 'blurb' and/or brief 'pitch'.
  • You will also receive a clear idea of how to make any revisions

Query Letters

  • Designed for 1-page query letters to agents and / or publishers
  • You will be assisted to write a good query letter to accompany your completed manuscript
  • This will focus on your opening paragraph, your biographical information, the premise of the manuscript including the ‘hook’, your reason for approaching the agency in question and your closing statement


A wrap-around service

But what if you still feel that editing is not quite enough?  What if you’d like a metaphorical hand in yours as you write?  Someone to guide you with the process of the writing as you’re doing it?  That’s what WriteRight calls mentoring; you are the writer doing the work, I can be the person in the background who is supporting you with questions, comments and advice – including a built-in developmental and copy edit.  You might just be starting out with an idea, you might have a few thousand words written and have ground to a halt, you might have lost confidence towards the end.  Whatever stage you are at, mentoring works at your pace and concentrates on the issues you specify.  It is the ultimate wrap-around service - but it’s not a ghost-writing service.  This is still a form of editing but on a more intensive level.