Touching a Chord?

Is there anything more thrilling for a writer than receiving a totally unsolicited email from someone who has enjoyed your book and taken the time to write and say so?  I suppose one of my niggling worries about ABBW was how a Bangladeshi reader might view it: patronising? making light of serious issues? totally alien?  I was hoping for the opposite reactions when I wrote it, and I'm delighted that Shishu, a Bangladeshi man who came across the e-book by accident, definitely found something that struck a chord...

“Being born to Bangladeshi parents but only having spent the early part of my life in Bangladesh, I am as much of foreigner as you ever were. Your style of writing brought out every experience I have ever had in Bangladesh. Thank you for helping me relive those memories. Through your writings, I feel like I know you, a long-lost sister if you like. I never imagined a travel diary would have this sort of impact. Not often does an author succeed in drawing me this close.”

Thank you, Shishu!  You, and all the other readers who have commented on ABBW have made my day.  It will be interesting to hear what the real life Bangladeshis who 'star' in the book will ahve to say about it...
Touching a Chord?
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Friday, 27 November 2020

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