Rozina and Supia

One of the continuing challenges of Bhola's Children is how best to educate the minority of blind children we have, and how they are best encouraged to live independently.  It's a great achievement that through working with Rishilpi, a Bangladeshi charity, two of the older blind girls, Rozina and Supia, who have lived in the boundary since they were small children have a really life-changing opportunity. 

Dinah Wiener, Chief Trustee writes:

Last November we talked with Ali of the possibility of the two blind girls, Rozina and Supia, to go to Rishilpi for a while to learn and train to become physiotherapists. In Rishilpi there is a very good and professional physiotherapist and teacher that is blind. He is extremely good; everyday there are over 40 children that come with mothers to have physiotherapy and learn what to do at home.  It's now happening!  It will be a wonderful opportunity for them to learn something useful, good and practical that will give them a better purpose in life and a better future. It will also give them a proper job in BCPS and if they are good and successful they could also help children outside Bhola's Children in the local community.

Good Luck Rozina & Supia!

Rozina and Supia
For Shahti


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Thursday, 28 October 2021

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