News from Dinah

Dinah Wiener, my literary agent and the Chief Trustee of Bhola's Children has just returned from her October visit to Bangladesh - here are a few of her photographs:

Showing off the two newest members of the community: Shahti with her baby daughter Namanita, and Monira with her son, Kawsa.  Two beautiful babies for two beautiful women!

All of the deaf children in the boundary now go daily to the local primary school where they have fitted in very well.  They began with a signing interpreter - but the whole class was soon watching her instead of the teacher!  Now they manage fine without... here are a group of the boys in class.

Sima's first swimming lesson!  She is so proud of her rubber ring - and look at the concentration on her face...!

Last week saw the beginning of Eid, and as many of the children as possible go to stay with family and friends over the holiday; the remainder stay and celebrate with Ali.  Just time for one last picture with Dinah before they go...

Ali sends his ongoing thanks and best wishes to everyone out there who supports us all.
So does Dinah.
So do I.

Anne x

News from Dinah
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