January 2012

A very happy new year to everyone - and may it bring you happiness and good health. 

So many of my recent new year 'celebrations' have been spent on a plane somewhere between the UK or Ireland and Bangladesh, that it's quite strange (and very cold) to be in Scotland where the biggest trip out has been to the zoo to see the newly installed - sleeping - giant pandas!

The resolutions flying around my head are all about being organised, writing a lot, finishing that novel and trying, trying, trying to be a good mother!!  In the end I suppose only the latter really matters, but it would be nice to feel in control of life again.

Thanks to all of you who bought, recommended or forced copies of A Blonde Bengali Wife on your loved ones.  To answer the most commonly asked questions I've had about the state of my writing:
1) no, it is very unlikely that there will be A Blonde Bengali Baby sequel and 2) no, the novel isn't forthcoming any time very soon - but don't give up.  I'm sure it will be worth the wait!
Stars of the Story
Rozina and Supia


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