Images From Bhola

What's the best way to beat the blues?  You know: the end of the summer, the increasingly dark mornings and shorter evenings, a new term's work already piling up... 
Well, you sit down and peruse the Emirates website and the next minute find your fingers are compelled to book flights for Bangladesh! 
January 2014, Bhola (and who knows where else?) here we come.
With that in mind, and given your patience at my various pontifications over the last few months, I thought I'd simply post a few random snaps of the children and young people currently living in Bhola.
Here they are - 
Ahsan picking the carrots he's grown on our land in Valumia

Boys relaxing on the roof - where they are building the parapet

The girls on a break from the tailoring building stop to chat

School children practising for Independence Day Parade


Salina giving Rosina treatment  in the new physio room


The boys getting a lesson in sewing and mending their school uniforms

Just another day in Bhola!

Anne x

Images From Bhola
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