Guilty As Charged...

Is there anything more irritating in the blog/website/electronic world, than hitting on a site that looks vaguely interesting only to find it was last updated a good couple of months (or years) ago?  Hands up!  I've fallen into the trap and I'm guilty of exactly that; apologies to anyone who is trying to follow me - please don't give up, I'll try harder...

The first royalties cheque is in for A Blonde Bengali Wife.  It's not going to change the world in Bhola but it will cover a few more meals.  Work over there is going on at a fast pace, the construction of the new workshop especially.  Today is Bangladesh's Independence Day and the children all took their places marching for the District Commissioner and the Chief of Police.  I'll look out some photographs for the next entry...

Most exciting is that Dinah and I have set the dates for our next visit and come November we'll be introducing Simon to his extended Bangladeshi family!  It can't come too soon, impossible to believe that my last trip was in January 2010 - poor Ali, I was so sick (actually early pregnancy) he was beside himself so I can't wait to get back and show him why it was all so worth while!
Guilty As Charged...
Move Over Michael Parkinson!


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Tuesday, 03 August 2021

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