Onwards and Upwards

So, here comes April with a spring in her step and a few jokes up her sleeve: 23 degrees in Edinburgh one day and zero the next...

But it's the name 'April' which has got me thinking.  Last month, someone - Bootsie (not sure I know you personally but thanks for the interest) - commented about my novel-in-progress.  I'm going to take up her challenge and write a mini-mini-synopsis here, on the basis that it might shame me into finally finishing it, submitting it, and hopefully, eventually, maybe, gaining a PhD and publication!

Where does April come in?  Well, she's my main character and she's on a quest in Cyprus.  I've carried the travel theme on from Bangladesh, realising how much I enjoy having a real location in a place I love, but that's where the similarity ends: the current work is definitely a novel.  April is ostensibly looking for her childhood friend, Elena, who vanished on the island during the troubles of 1974, but her journey shifts dramatically following the people she meets.  Meanwhile, in alternate chapters, ten year old Elena tells her own story of what actually happened her.  Do the two meet???? Votes please.....!

Incidentally, some time ago I had written about being shortlisted for the EPIC e-publishing awards.  Hmm, given that the awards were in March and I haven't heard anything, shall we assume I vanished without trace? Congratulations to those who did so much better!

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Whatever Happened to Munnu?


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Tuesday, 16 August 2022

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