Missed the (MADD) boat!

Missed opportunity, anyone...?

I just received a lovely email from a reader who said he had been given a copy of ABBW after seeing it listed in:

THE MADS 2012: 'Celebrating the UK's Best Mum and Dad blogs'.


I have no idea who nominated me in several categories, and shamefully, I had no idea that these awards even existed - or else I would definitely have been shamelessly canvassing votes.  The voting period is well gone and the finalists announced - congratulations to all!  There are some great stories out there,a dn ones that make me wonder whether my blog was really that eligible...

However, thank you to the person(s) who nominated me - feel free to do so again next year and I'll try to have my eye on the ball!!

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Thursday, 06 August 2020

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