Launching The Almost Truth

The Almost Truth, my debut novel, was launched at Oxgangs Library, on the evening of Friday 19th April. It was the most fantastic event - thank you to everyone who was involved.

I've written about it at length over the course of various social media posts, and it's been immortalised by my good friend Sandra Oliveira, who not only travelled all the way from Cardiff, but coolly took my phone and recorded it on Instagram Live (you can probably find it here: Anne Hamilton (@annehamilton_author) • Instagram photos and videos). 

The evening itself was held together admirably by Aynsely McFarlane of the library who had everything set up perfectly, and managed to keep find more chairs as the library filled up to over-flowing. And also to another friend, Val Griffin, who came up from Dorset - the first time we'd ever met in person. She ran the 'behind the scenes' aspects, took photos, poured drinks and got to see no more of Edinburgh than the tram, the bus and the airport.

My co-host was the incomparable Olga Wojtas, who made the interview-readings-discussion bit so easy. Sandy Bennett-Haber was pressed into action as the knife-wielding 'cake lady' and Simon Bramwell popped a lot of Prosecco corks. I knew it already, but I am blessed with people who are happy to be pressed into action...or at least appear that way!!

Of course, it was all supported from afar by Legend Press, Olivia especially, and closer to home by another Olivia, this time from The Edinburgh Bookshop, who sold the books I got to sign.


The evening was made by everyone who came along. In a wedding-like form, I met old friends and new friends: ex-students, colleagues, writing group members, bloggers, dog-walkers - and the Writers Inkers, who came from Dublin to surprise me; it's safe to say they did!

And there I'll stop my Oscar-worthy speech of thanks, hoping I haven't missed anyone. It was simply one of the bst nights I could imagine. Thank you, everyone, for making it so.

If you haven't  got a copy, and you think you might like one, you can buy it from all good bookshops or order it here: The Almost Truth with an audio or eBook option.


 Anne x

Publication Day: The Almost Truth


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