Deja Vu

Tomorrow Simon will be 4 weeks old, and the rest of life seems to have been put on hold - exactly as everyone told me it would be!  In fact, I've got a very real sense of deja vu... with a bit of editing, where have I written this before?

The first few days... were a blur. I was suddenly alone in a country where I could do nothing...

You might remember a few posts back when I was referring to my arrival in Dhaka as a novice and was way out of my comfort zone.  Well, here I am again with Simon blindly figuring out the eating, dressing and changing routine and most of all trying to communicate with somone who looks blankly back at me - and then screams.   At least no Bangladeshi ever did that.

4 weeks into Bangladesh I was settling in, things were becoming familiar.  No doubt Simon is hoping something similar is about to click this time!

Next time: back to Bangladesh.  Oh, and some news about publication.
Simon, 15 August 2010
Gulshan, Dhaka, February 2002


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