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Just last week, the earthquake centring on the Myanmar region was equally strongly felt (measuring 6.9) in Bhola. Thankfully, there was no lasting damage - except perhaps to the nerves of Bhola's Children accountant, Sandy, who had arrived there from London for a few days!

As some kind of affirmation - to myself mostly - that all is well, I've been glancing through the recent photographs and thought, why not share a few more here. It's always a challenge to find 'action' pictures as opposed to group shots - after all, who doesn't want their picture taken - so completely at random (and even more randomly presented, I know - sorry! I do try...) here they are:

Getting one of the gardens ready for planting

Once the gardens are ready, different 'teams' take responsibility
 for each bed.

Lipi, the new school teacher

Posing in the physiotherapy area

Rihad with his new 'assisted device'

Can you see Tahid up the tree??

We currently have a specific appeal for funds to assist with paying Lipi's salary and for the ever increasing, very valuable physiotherapy work. If you know anyone who can help, please send them over to for more information.
Next month, back to a bit of writing - perhaps!
Anne x

Beautful Bhola's Garden
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Saturday, 27 November 2021

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